High Rollers: A Novel

We think this novel is so great that we want to plug it on our website, because, why not? 15,000 copies in less than 90 days, thanks to some awesome book promotion websites, a good description, and a little hustle. It’s a great story and we’re proud to share it.

High Rollers: A Novel

Based on a true story. 
Faced with graduating with over 100,000 dollars in student loan debt, University of Miami freshman Cameron McKinney needs cash badly. His solution? Starting the largest sports betting ring in campus history. Business booms, supplying him with thousands of dollars of tax-free cash per week, which he uses to fund his South Beach “models and bottles” lifestyle. Cameron raises the stakes, signing up hundreds of customers and taking on a group of jet-setting international bettors. As his operation grows, so does his ego. He starts a steamy, dysfunctional relationship with Grace Cooper, the purity ring-wearing daughter of a prominent Republican Party lobbyist. The relationship takes a toll on the business, and his business partner’s reckless lifestyle threatens to bring him down completely. High Rollers gives a window into lifestyles of the young and rich, exploring the consequences of ambition, wealth and relationships.

In the tradition of novelists like Stuart Woods, Ian Fleming, and Scott Lynch, High Rollers is designed to take the reader for a spin inside a world of wealth and intrigue, reading like a night out on South Beach. Still deciding? Buy the book already!  http://amzn.to/2DSVbBl


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