The Best Amazon Reviews of All Time

Every writer who has sold more than a handful of copies of their book online has dealt with the inevitable customer reviews that start to trickle in. They aren’t always positive, but every review helps the book become more visible to new buyers. Few people write reviews, but most people read them before buying. Contrary to what most authors think, a bad review or three is not the end of the world. As long as your overall Amazon average is close to four stars, you’re doing just fine!

Ask any author when they got their first one-star review, and they will likely be able to tell you exactly where they were when they read it, what they were doing, and how the rest of their day went (usually poorly). While the vast majority of people enjoy our work, not everyone does. In fact, those who dislike our writing go to great lengths to tell us how much they hate our books.  Cultivating a positive attitude to reviews is essential to being a successful author.

Without further ado, here’s our favorite Amazon and Goodreads reviews of our titles (unedited).

5. High Rollers– 1 star.Slogging through heavy snow” “Have you ever walked through snow up to your hips? …dressed in multiple layers of clothing? ….wearing heavy boots? That’s what it felt like reading the first couple chapters. Then I began to skip pages…no change. Still play by play of the betting, etc. So I skipped more pages…only faster. It wasn’t long before the f-bombs began to drop more frequently. So (on my kindle) then I scrolled page after page and even as I did the f-bombs were so frequent on every page I couldn’t scroll fast enough to avoid them. So, using the bar at the bottom of the page I begun to go past chapters. Every time I stopped, it was the same thing…play by play of the betting with f-bombs so frequent they were on almost every line or two. So, in desperation to see if there really was a point to all of it, I skipped to the last chapter, only to realize I should have quit while I was ahead way back at chapter 2.”

4. High Finance-– 1 star. “Meh” I’m a financial advisor, I think I provide plenty of value for my clients.

3. High Rollers– 2 stars. Clothes Horse Gospel” “As a UM grad, I do not recognize the scene that the book portrays as being reality. The storyline was oh, so predictable and the non-ending vapid.”

2. How to Make a Million Dollars Trading Options. 1 star. “Scam” “I have to say that this book is a joke, my 1st grader could had written it. Don’t waste your money.”

1. High Rollers. 3 stars. “A Glimpse of College Life” “A unique way to pay off student loan debt. College is not the place to get an education it’s a place to party. I hope this story has no basis in reality. If so the next generation is toast.”

What’s the worst review you’ve ever gotten? Post in the comments!





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